Friday, September 26, 2014

Snippets + Snapshots | Michele's Birthday Trip {September 2014}

Kevin planned a surprise weekend trip to Payson, Arizona in honor of my 40th Birthday last weekend.  We got a late start to our trip on Friday evening after attending the wedding of some dear friends, so by the time we arrived it was about bed time.  Kevin had a full day of events planned for us on Saturday, including a trip to a local farmer's market and a picnic at a near by park, both of which were items on my Birthday Bucket List this year, along with visiting Payson.  Saturday evening brought with it a thunderstorm and lots of rain, so we spent the evening hanging out in the cozy cabin playing board games.  Sunday we got up and made the trek back home to reality after a very relaxing getaway.  I really liked the gorgeous landscape near Payson, and hope to plan another trip back again soon!

Here are some Snippets + Snapshots from our trip...
heading out | excited pups | it's cold here | super cute cabin | back of cabin | inside the cabin | view from the porch | farmer's market | first tamale ever | a little game of skip-bo | visit to the park | picnic time | cute pups | gorgeous view | silly hubby | with my babies | love that face | exploring the park | spiral stairs make me happy | saying goodbye | pigtails before i'm 40 | breakfast indulgence | scenery on the drive home

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