Saturday, August 24, 2019

Welcome to the Family, Olive!

Please allow me to introduce you to Olive, our newest pup!

Back at the beginning of the year when we adopted Ivy, I could not imagine having more than two dogs - until Ivy came along and turned our duo into a trio, that is. She was the perfect fit with Zoe and Lexi, and we just couldn't fathom letting her go once we got to know her.

However, once she got settled in, it became apparent that Zoe and Lexi couldn't keep up with her and she was going to need a younger playmate in the house.  So, we decided to start fostering again, until we found a BFF for Ivy to play with.  It didn't take too long after we brought Olive home for Ivy to let us know that she wanted her to stay!  The two of them have become fast friends, and they just have the best time playing together.

So, I give you foster failure number two: Olive:

Unlike Ivy, Olive is super photogenic and LOVES getting her photos taken.  She will sit and pose all day long.  She even gets up periodically and repositions herself for more shots.  It's rather comical!

Since she's so easy to photograph, here are lots of shots of our newest little cutie...
And now, I do believe that our family is complete! I think four dogs in the maximum in this house!  I look forward to their crazy antics in the coming years.

Michele Whitacre used to be a portrait photographer serving Phoenix, Arizona.  Now she just takes photos for fun when the mood strikes.
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