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Monday, June 9, 2014

Trisha's Trash the Dress Session

I feel like sneak peek posts just don't do justice to trash the dress sessions, so I decided to share most of Trisha's photos on the blog.  She sent me a photo of her dress and told me she wanted to wear a tiara with it.  I knew that Trisha was going to look like a gorgeous fairy princess come to life, and I wanted to try to capture that fun, dreamy, childlike feel in her photos.  I think we succeeded and I simply adore how these images turned out.  Not to mention, photographing Trisha is pretty much a photographer's dream come true.  She is a natural in front of the camera and a dream to work with!  Anytime I need a model for a shoot, Trisha is always one of the first individuals that comes to mind.

(P.S. If Trisha looks familiar to you (and you don't know her IRL), it might be from her awesome cigar shot photos that we did last year.)

I think these images do a perfect job of telling the story of our session without any commentary, so I'm going to let their awesomeness speak for themselves:

Trisha, thank you again for allowing me to take these photos of you!  I had so much fun photographing you again.  You really are a dream to work with!

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