Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

I SWORE to myself that I wasn't going to pick up my camera today for anything other than today's joy of love class assignment. I am thoroughly enjoying the class, but it is time consuming taking photos for the class every single day.

For me, being behind my camera is an addiction. The more time I spend behind it, the more I want to be behind it, and before I know it all I'm doing is taking photos and editing photos, while the rest of my world is falling in around me. Kind of like it is right now! And I still have a little editing to do on the baby shower photos a took a few weeks ago, and on the winter photos I took a few days ago. So, I promised myself no more personal photos until I was caught up.

Things never work out according to plan in my life!

I got home from work this afternoon, and Lexi would not stop barking at the windows. I finally got up to see what had her attention and saw that there were TONS of birds swarming around outside. I went into the kitchen and there were probably 40 - 50 birds in the tiny cherry tree right outside the window, feeding on the cherries that were still hanging on the tree.

I grabbed my camera and ran outside to try to get some photos, but I scared half of them away when I opened the door so this was the best I got...

As I continued trying to take photos, more and more of the birds got scared off. I'd go back inside and they'd come back to the tree, but they'd fly off as soon as I'd go back outside again. I finally decided to just pop the screen off of the window and take the photos from inside. Luckily, the windows weren't too dirt!

You can see from the photo above that the sky had a distinct line between the bright blue sky and the clouds, so depending on where in the tree each bird was located, the background varies.  It almost looks like the photos were taken on different days!

Here are a handful of the awesome shots I got...

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  1. Thanks, Jen! It was pretty awesome to see.

  2. Thanks, Jen! It was pretty awesome to see.

  3. Those are AMAZING - and when did you decide on AZ?

  4. Thanks! We decided sometime in late winter/early spring. We moved a month ago and are loving it so far!