Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LuLu + Benson's Sneak Peek

By now, I'm sure that everyone knows I'm a sucker for an adorable dog!  Tonight, I got a double dose of adorableness when I got to photograph LuLu and Benson.

Meet Benson...

And LuLu...

Seriously, could Benson get any cuter?...

And is there anything better than a little doggie tongue peeking out? I think not!

Amanda, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your sweet dogs. It was a pleasure getting to meet them, and Zoe & Lexi say thanks for bringing them over to play!

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  1. They are adorable! Glad Lexi & Zoe met some new friends.

  2. All of them had fun playing together after LuLu and Benson's pictures!