Thursday, December 22, 2011

Self-Portrait | December 2011

December's self-portrait was taken a few miles from our rental house against the side of a building that I have often driven by, but previously failed to notice.  I don't even know what the building is... a restaurant maybe, or perhaps a bar or liquor store.  Regardless, it isn't in the nicest part of town and when I've driven by in the past, I've been too busy noticing the bars on the windows to pay any attention to the color of the walls.  I guess it just goes to show that perhaps the very thing you are seeking is right under your nose, if only you change your perspective.

I had a plan all laid out for December's photograph of myself, and I assure you this wasn't it!  I'd already taken photos at two other locations and on a whim decided to pull over and take a few quick shots in front of this bright blue wall.  After I got home and looked through the photos, I decided that I much preferred this one to the ones that I took with my original idea in mind.

And frankly, this fits my month better, too.  I've spent a lot of time this month talking with the designer about putting the finishing touches on my business logo, and I've really been struggling with it.  At the moment, we are trying to work out exactly what the color scheme is going to be, and I keep requesting that he make changes to it with varying shades of blue.  So, December has kinda of turned into the battle of the blues for me!

I have to confess that this photo isn't a true "self-portrait" in the sense that I'm not the one who snapped the picture.  Instead, I made my husband come with me and had him snap the picture after I set the camera settings.  My poor excuses are that I haven't yet replaced my broken tripod, and it makes me very nervous to set my camera up and walk away from it while out it crowded areas of town.  I'm afraid someone is going to just walk by and grab it and take off with it before I could even react.  So, the only way I felt comfortable venturing off into town to take photos is if he came along to help.  So, part of the credit of the photo has to go to him.

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  1. Great picture and love the blue background. In case I don't get back around before the holidays -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!