Sunday, April 28, 2013

Self-Portrait | April 2013

Last night was the ball at my husband's law school, and most of my month was spent trying to look my best for the festivities!  I went shopping a few weeks ago with my mom to pick out a new dress.  I went with Kevin to pick out his tux earlier this week.  I kicked up my weight loss efforts this month, and managed to lose about 5 more pounds before the big night.  And, of course, I got my nails, hair, and make-up done the day of the event.  So, it seemed only fitting that I would choose a photo of myself all dolled up for April's self portrait!

I have to admit I probably could have found a better location for my photo instead of standing by our front door!  Summer is in full swing here in Phoenix and it was just plain hot out yesterday.  So instead of wandering around melting while looking for a great background, I just opted for the first place I came to that had decent lighting.  That being said, please excuse the big sun flare across the photo!  I didn't have my lens hood on (shame on me!) and I didn't notice it in the photo until I uploaded the images to my computer.

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