Saturday, June 29, 2013

Self-Portarit | June 2013

I've spent my whole life looking forward to being outdoors all summer, and it's been an adjustment wrapping my head around the idea that things are a bit different here in Phoenix.  Instead of a summer filled with baseball games, picnics, and evening walks after dinner, we spend ours inside under the comfort of our air conditioners!  Our temperatures have been hovering well above 100 degrees recently, and once it gets over 110 even I am willing to admit that it is just plain hot!

I love to read but really haven't taken the time to do much of it in recent months.  I decided it was about time to change that!  And what better excuse than the heat induced hibernation to get back to it?  So, I recently made a trip to the local library to pick up a stack of books to keep me busy for a while.  I decided that a photo of me reading one of these books was a good representation of June.

I'm also very excited that my hair is FINALLY starting to get a little bit of length to it, and I can now put it in braids.  It's still a bit too short to stay in a single braid, but maybe in a a few more months.  This growing out process has just about killed me!  If I mention getting my hair cut above my chin ever again, please stop me.  

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  1. I've done a bit of reading for June too. Hoping to do a lot more in July. Summer is really about the only time I get to read for enjoyment anymore. Mostly I just read extremely dull textbooks for school the rest of the year.