Friday, November 22, 2013

Self-Portrait | November 2013

My husband and I started dating a few days before he began his undergraduate degree back in 2008, and now here we a little more than 5 years later and he is 3 short weeks away from his law school graduation.  We've had some fun and some good times along the way, but it has also been a very long journey with a lot of hard work and hard changes on both of our parts.

One of the hardest things for me was giving up my house in Indiana to move to Arizona.  I had built the house back before Kevin and I met, and it was my perfect dream house.   Leaving it behind has been very hard on me, especially on the days when I have to take everything out of a closet to reach something at the very back because we live in a tiny rental house with zero storage!

With Kevin's graduation on the horizon, we've decide that it is finally time to settle in and put down some roots here in Arizona.  It's time to buy a new house!  We are thrilled that we have finally reached this point, and couldn't be more excited at the idea of owning a house that we picked out together and will truly be ours.

However, can I just say that house hunting is exhausting!

I've been trying to do most of the research and only involve Kevin in the process when I find something that I think will be a good fit for us.  So, I've been spending most of my time this month doing a whole lot of this...

We did find one house earlier in the month that we loved, but our offer wasn't accepted.  Just yesterday we found another, and we have an outstanding offer on it. So, if you're reading this please keep your fingers crossed that our offer is accepted on this one, and hopefully next month I will be posting another moving photo for my monthly self-portrait!

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  1. Congrats to Kevin!!! Wish I only had 3 more weeks of school. I've still got another year and a half left.

    I've definitely got my fingers crossed for you.