Friday, January 24, 2014

Life Happens

After spending three years swearing that I would never shoot a wedding, I somehow agreed to photograph three of them this spring.  Problem being, I didn't own a lens to take ring shots with, so I bit the bullet and added the 100mm f/2.8 L Macro to my collection.

I took it out for a little spin this morning to try it out on our rings.  I had no plans to do anything with the photos, so I just took the rings and headed out with them as is. As I was going through the images, I was looking at them to get a feel for the depth of field at different apertures, along with analyzing the angles I was using, composition, etc.  I wasn't paying any attention to the rings themselves, because, well, I'm kind of used to seeing them after us wearing them all this time.

But then I came upon the image below, and it just sort of stopped me in my tracks, and got me thinking (and crying if I'm being honest about it).

After four years, our rings are no longer perfect and pristine like the way they were the day we purchased them.  They are covered in nicks and scratches (and even a few decent sized dents in the case of Kevin's).  They haven't been professionally cleaned in a few years, and they are dirty as can be.  They aren't full of sparkle and shine, like when they were new.

But here's the thing:  Neither are we.

Anyone who's ever been in a relationship lasting several years knows that life happens.  The pretty, perfect, and pristine relationship that you started out with ends up covered with nicks, scratches, and an occasional dent here and there. And maybe things don't feel as full of sparkle and shine as they once did.

But maybe.  Just maybe.  It's the nicks and the scratches and the dents that add the real beauty.  For it is in them that your life happens.  You laugh. You sing. You dance. You scream. You curse. You cry.

You Live.  You Feel.  You Grow.

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