Monday, May 5, 2014

Amanda's Trash the Dress Session

Before I can even think about getting started I have to give a huge insane THANK YOU shout out to Jake for allowing us to use his shop for this session.  He was generous enough to open his doors to us and give up several hours of his time while we were there.  He was beyond amazing with his willingness to accommodate any and every request that we had!  If you want to check out Jake's work, you can find Mouse's Kustom Fab on Facebook and Instagram.

As you probably know, I usually post a sneak peek from each session that I shoot, along with a bit of commentary about the photos, but I'm going to change it up a bit today.  I've decided to post this session (almost) in its entirety and I'm going to let the photos tell their own story.  Much of the awesomeness you are about to see is Amanda's doing, as many of these ideas were 100% hers.  I am incredibly proud of these images and doing this session made me feel alive in a way I haven't felt in a really long time.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

So, please allow me to introduce you to Amanda.  I hope you will settle in and enjoy her photos!

Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for volunteering to help me with this session.  I am so happy and excited that I was finally able to make my dream of photographing a trash the dress session a reality. You were amazing to photograph and it was so much fun getting to hang out with you for a few hours.  I hope I have the opportunity to photograph you again in the future. :)

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