Thursday, June 12, 2014

Five Generations of Gorgeousness!

If you've been a blog visitor for a while you probably know that I relocated to Arizona 3 years ago from Indiana.  Ironically, two of my closest Indiana friends spent a portion of their childhoods living here in Arizona, and Heather is one of them.  Recently Heather, her mom, and her daughter came back to Arizona to visit her grandma and great-grandma who both still live in the valley.

Heather contacted me to take photos of the five of them during their visit.  They wanted to recreate the five generation photos the family had done back when Heather's daughter, Hannah, was just a year old. So, we took the photos at the same location outside of their church.  I have to say that they were troopers!!  We braved the 100+ degree temperatures and the hot Arizona sun to capture these photos on Sunday afternoon, trying to beat the heat before we all melted.  But you certainly can't tell in their photos; they all look gorgeous and cool as cucumbers.

It was an honor taking photos for these gorgeous women, and it was wonderful getting to visit with Heather for a short while (but I have to admit it made me a bit nostalgic for Indiana and all of my old friends there that I haven't seen in a few years).

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