Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Self-Portrait | October 2014

Years ago, I heard someone say that for every year someone goes through a professional school program it takes one year to recover and regain some sort of normal life.  Even though I'm not the one who just finished school, I feel like it's going to take me quite a while to get it back together after everything we've been through the past 4 years.

We have both been busy and overwhelmed and we've been doing everything we can to just hang on.  Not to mention that we've been living on one income, when we were used to two.  So we have let a lot of things go by the wayside and we are just now able to start getting back to them.

This month's focus has been on our wardrobes.  Now that Kevin has a big boy job he needed to replace all of his worn clothing and shoes, and start shopping for some more suits.  As for me, I really despise shopping and I dislike wearing anything other than shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops.  That combo means that my winter wardrobe is in pretty sad shape.  Other than a few desperate basic necessities, I don't think I have purchased a pair of pants or a long sleeve shirt or sweater in over 4 years.  Yikes!

So, I spent most of November hanging out in our closet - sorting through our wardrobes, removing all of the old, worn out, ill fitting clothing, and replacing them with new updated items.  I'm not 100% done, but at least I'm starting to feel like we will no longer look like homeless bums when we leave the house this winter!

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