Monday, May 25, 2015

Self-Portrait | May 2015

I usually don't title my self-portraits (basically because I'm just not that creative!), but if I were to title this one my title would be "Saying Goodbye".

You know how every woman has that one thing that they despise about themselves? That thing that they would choose to change about themselves if given the chance? For me that thing is my hair. Hands down my worst feature ever! I've lamented about my hair in a self-portrait a few years ago, and I'm right back in the same place: completely sick of it and trying to decide what to do with it.

For the vast majority of my adult life I have kept my hair length somewhere between my chin and my shoulders, and kept my hair color blonde. I've always liked it like that, but I've ventured away from my usual here and there just to spice things up when I get bored. But I always end up going back to the same familiar style that just feels like 'me'.

A few years ago, I decided that I needed to grow my hair out. Don't ask me why. Every. single. time. I allow my hair to get long I realize just how much I hate it and end up cutting it back off again. In my head I envision long, thick gorgeous waves. Instead I get a thin, stringy mop. I probably should have cut my hair shorter a long time ago, but life got busy and stressful and finances were tight and I kept it long because it was easy and inexpensive. I also can't seem to find a hairstylist here who can get my hair the blonde color that I like, so I gave up and started coloring it myself close to my natural color for the same reasons.

I've decided that I just can't stand it any longer and I've made an appointment with a new hairstylist to get it cut. I'm hoping that in addition to a new hairstyle, the haircut will help me start feeling like me again, which is something I've really been struggling to do since moving to Arizona. While I'm sure I'll still have a long way to go, I'm hoping that cutting my hair back into a more familiar style will be a good start towards regaining what has been missing from my world lately.

So for this month's self-portrait, I decided to take one last photo with my long hair before I cut it off soon. Hopefully it will serve as a memory of why I should never. never. never. grow it out past my shoulders again! If you know me IRL and I mention that I'm considering growing my hair out, please force me to look at this photo and tell me to reconsider!

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