Saturday, August 26, 2017

Quack, Quack!

Summer in Phoenix is not a prime time to take photos due to the crazy heat. Even though this summer has been fairly mild compared to the last few, I still haven't felt like braving the heat to go out shooting. So my photography got put on the back burner, and I'm finally getting back to editing more of the images I took back in May at the nature preserve near my house.

I got a later start than I wanted to on the day I was out shooting, and it was getting pretty warm, so I decided to find myself some shade to hang out in for a while. I settled myself in a shaded little clearing near the water, and just sat there watching the world go by. It was obvious by all the feathers around the area that it was a favorite hangout for the ducks, and slowly, one by one, they started swimming up and gathering themselves all around me.

I was able to hang out and snap quite a few photos of them, and managed to catch a few good ones.  Here are my favorites...

As I was taking these photos, I decided that I'm probably not cut out to be much of a nature photographer.  It seems like you'd have to have an insane amount of patience to sit quietly and stay still while the wildlife adapted to your presence and resumed it's routine, and I definitely don't have it.  My backyard is full of birds every time I look out the window, yet whenever I get it in my head to go out and take photos of them I'm never able to capture any images.  They always fly off when I open the door and I'm never able to make myself stay out there long enough for them to come back.  I think the only reason I was able to stay still long enough to capture these photos is because I needed to cool off before heading back out into the hot sun!

Michele Whitacre used to be a portrait photographer serving Phoenix, Arizona.  Now she just takes photos for fun when the mood strikes.
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