Friday, February 25, 2022

Self-Portrait | February 2022

Life has been all puppy, all the time, for the past year as we added first Sylas and then Hazel to the family.  I have been working very hard to turn both of them into well behaved dogs.  In that regard, I have spent most of February consumed with training both of them.

Sylas is currently enrolled in his sixth (Yes, SIXTH!) training class, which is a part 2 of a class he took in the fall.  Last year he learned skills to be well behaved while on a leash and now he is practicing those skills at a variety of public places.

Hazel is currently enrolled in two classes simultaneously through two different trainers.  One of them is a basic obedience/skills class and the other one is a leadership and obedience class. Really both classes are teaching her the same type of things but one is just at a higher level than the other.

I really love working with the dogs on training.  I find it rewarding when they learn something new and I find the process of teaching them new things really fun. Hazel is an exceptionally fast learner and picks up on every new skill almost immediately.  Sylas takes a little longer to catch on to some things but while we are training he gives 100% of his full attention to it.  He seems to really enjoy training sessions.  It might just be all about the treats, but I like to pretend he likes the experience!

When I am working with one of the dogs, I usually take that dog by itself into the bathroom where we can work without being distracted by the other dogs.  Once all the dogs know a skill, I may work with them as a group or else I may tether them all and work with one dog while the other dogs wait for their turn.  But the majority of the training is done one on one.  So for February's self-portrait I opted to take my photo in the Master Bathroom with Hazel and Sylas to represent what I have spend so much of the month doing.

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