Behind the Lens

On the blog I like to keep things fun, so instead of a stuffy formal introduction, I give to you 17 random tidbits that you would probably never think to ask about:

I am hopelessly addicted to chapstick, chocolate, and shoes.  Not necessarily in that order.

My favorite song of all time is "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger.

I'm a sucker for dilapidated old barns. Being surrounded by them is one of the few things I miss about the Midwest.

My dream car is a yellow convertible corvette with a black top.

When it comes to cats and dogs, I can't pick a team.  I love them both!

I will only drink milk out of a glass cup, not plastic or paper.

My favorite color is blue.

I've always wanted to visit Australia. I'm hoping one day I get the chance.

I'm a Pepsi girl. Always have been. Always will be.

My two favorite books are Fahrenheit 451 and The Count of Monte Cristo.

I totally heart thunderstorms.

I consider a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream a single serving.

My proudest life moment was crossing the finish line of the Indianapolis half marathon.

I may or may not have a bit of a girl crush on Angelina Jolie.

I love being an only child.

One of my life goals is to live the rest of my days without ever seeing another snowflake.

Very few things make me happier than a sunny beach lined with palm trees.

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