Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweetness Overload

If you ever have the opportunity to see me with my family, two things will become immediately apparent to you.  First, I am completely head over heels for my husband.  Second, my dogs have my heart wrapped around their adorable little puppy paws.

It's not often that I manage to convince my hubby that sitting for a photo session sounds like a good idea, but every so often I manage to twist his arm into it.  (Usually when I suggest it at the very last minute and he can't come up with a good excuse on the spot to turn me down.)

I was lucky enough to get him to agree to a handful of quick shots of him with Zoe and Lexi this past weekend at a local park.  So, please indulge me, and allow me to share with you some photos of my family: my sweet husband, Kevin, and my adorable sweet peas, Zoe and Lexi.

I'll even save the commentary, and just allow the photos to speak for themselves:

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