Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jessi + Cole's Sneak Peek

I have been bursting with excitement to share a sneak peek from Jessi and Cole's session last weekend! It's been killing me to keep these photos under wraps until I had time to blog their session today.

Jessi contacted me about a month ago and asked if I would have time to squeeze in a session for her and her brother while he was in town visiting.  She said her step-mom's birthday was coming up and she thought some photos would be the perfect gift.  (Don't worry, I cleared it with Jessi before posting this.  I didn't want to ruin the surprise!)  I said sure and asked what she had in mind.

I knew from the instant she described her idea for these photos that they were going to be fun, but I never could have imagined just how incredible they were going to turn out.  Watching Jessi and Cole together was so awesome.  I am totally in love with how these photos capture their personalities and show the amazing bond between these siblings.  This was by far one of the most fun sessions I have ever had the pleasure of photographing, and it was such an honor to be able to capture these moments for Jessi and Cole. This right here is why I love my job so much.

I admit that I went a bit overboard with photos for this sneak peek because I just couldn't bring myself to narrow it down any farther.  Plus, these images were crazy easy to edit, so I was able to crank them out in no time.  And with that, I'm going to hush up because the photos really don't need any commentary.  In this instance a photo (or eleven) really is worth a thousand words.

So, I give to you Jessi + Cole + A Whole Lotta Paint....

Jessi and Cole,  Thank you so much for allowing me to take these photos for you!  It was a blast capturing these memories of your time together.  I hope your step-mom likes the photos as much as I do!! :)

P.S.  If Jessi looks familiar to you it is because her solo session was just featured on the blog a few weeks ago!

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  1. I absolutley LOVE all these pics!! I have been adding that comment in every location I can lol. You did an amazing job capturing how fun and loving these two are!! Jess had sent me the one where they are hugging and I thought that was my favorite. But I think I like the one above it where they both are laughing so hard. I can almost hear them...and the one where there heads are together and the one of their feet. Oh who am I kidding - I LOVE THEM ALL. Thanks so much Michele for giving me a birthday present from my daughter that will last a lifetime!!!!

  2. While I wouldn't want to have to clean up the mess, I'd love to do something like this sometime! I wouldn't do it with my brothers though, they'd probably just pour the paint over my head! These turned out really wonderful.


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