Sunday, October 21, 2012

BBL 2012-2013 | Get Mother/Daughter Professional Portraits Taken


Why did I include this on my Bucket List?

During the workshop I attended back in April, the photographer shared with us some portraits she had taken of a mother and daughter. I loved the idea and was inspired to capture the same memories of myself with my mom.

Was the experience what I had hoped it would be?

Having your photos taken tends to be a nerve-wracking experience for everyone, and I'm no exception.  I stressed over what to wear, and worried that the photos wouldn't turn out well, just like everyone does before a photo session. But honestly the process of having these photos taken was really a lot of fun, and I am so thrilled that I will have these photos and memories to cherish forever.

The details...

These photos were taken by Ryan of Ryan Nicole Photography a few weeks ago.  Ryan is an absolute sweetheart and so laid back and easy to work with.  Ryan's sister is also a photographer and I "met" them a few years ago on facebook, long before I knew that I would be relocating to Phoenix.  When I knew I would be moving, Ryan and I started chatting a little more often and finally met face to face at the workshop I attended back in August.  When Ryan recently offered a mini session special, I jumped at the opportunity to have her take these photos for me and I couldn't be more in love with how they turned out.

Me and my mom (we look a lot a like, huh?)...

I loved this bridge, and I'm so glad Ryan was able to capture some awesome photos of us on it...

Love, love, love the Arizona landscape in this one. Just one of the many reasons I live here!...

By now, I'm sure you know how I feel about hand photos, and I asked Ryan to take one for me during our session...

I just have to send out a HUGE thank you to Ryan, not only for taking these wonderful photos, but for providing me with these watermarked images and allowing me to post her work on my blog. Ryan, you seriously rock! :)

Next up - Trying to convince my dad to take a turn in front of the camera with me, too. That one might be a little tougher to pull off, though, as he doesn't exactly love having his photo taken! Maybe if I get started now I can convince him in time for next year's bucket list!

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