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Photography Goals | 2013

But first....

I'd like to take a brief glance at my 2012 goals and review how I did.

Last year I declared 3 photography goals:

1. Dedicate more time to photography
Perhaps I should have been more specific in declaring this goal, but what I meant was dedicate more time to getting my photography business up and running after our relocation and to start accepting clients again.  I did reopening my shooting schedule in early April 2012 and continued to do sessions throughout the year, so I'm declaring this goal a success! 
2. Get outside of my comfort zone, and start exploring more areas of photography
Again, I wasn't super specific, but my intent with this goal was to gain experience with other types of photography: nature, landscape, food, architecture, abstract, etc. With the exception of a couple of coward's attempts at street photography, I must admit that I really didn't make much progress on this goal in 2012. But no worries. It reappears slightly altered in my 2013 goals.
3. Create more emotional and symbolic personal photographs
When I added this goal to my list, my intent was to try to create personal photographs that moved people. I wanted to create images that provoked an emotional response for my viewers. I got down to business with my self-portrait for January 2012. And I provoked an emotional response, all right. I posted this image and ended up getting phone calls and emails from friends and family more or less asking me if I was suicidal.  After repeatedly reassuring everyone I know that the image was staged and meant to be dramatic. (Notice that only ONE eye has tears coming out of it.) That I wasn't really crying (even though the feeling behind the image was real, it was a horrible time in my life, and I had been doing more than my fair share of crying off camera).   And that I wasn't planning on doing any bodily harm to myself.  I decided that perhaps this goal should be set aside for the greater good of everyone who knows and loves me.

OK. Moving on to this year's goals. Last year I didn't get around to declaring my goals until February, so I'm already ahead for 2013.  Look at me go.

2013 Photography Goals

1. Blog more

I know some people who keep a business blog view it as a bit of a chore, but I actually enjoy blogging.  I like writing and I loving sharing my photos, so my thinking is why not spend more time doing something that I actually like to do?  Especially if it can potentially help grow my business!  Blogging more will also have the natural added benefit of keeping me behind the camera more regularly since a photography blog pretty much demands to be filled with new photos.

2. Do more good

I've been thinking a lot recently about finding a way "do good" using my photography.  I'd like to volunteer my services to an organization that I feel would benefit from it.  I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do but I'm leaning towards finding an animal shelter that needs photos of the animals up for adoption or perhaps a service that offers free family portraits to families with sick children.  If you're reading and know of a worthy organization to fit either category, I'd love to hear about them!

3. Feel the fear

Growth does not come from sticking with the status quo. In order to expand my abilities and my creativity, I'm going to have to force myself to get uncomfortable. I'm going to have to feel the fear that comes with the uncertain and the unfamiliar. Only then will I begin to experience true growth. What this means for my photography is that in 2013, I am going to stand on the ledge, look into the deep abyss of everything I don't yet know or understand, feel the fear of all that unknown, and then jump in with both feet, trusting in my ability to succeed.

4. Get some guts

I've been talking about wanting to try my hand at street photography, but I just haven't been able to get up the guts and do it. That is going to change in 2013!

And there you have it. My goals for 2013. It is going to be my year to soar!

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