Thursday, February 27, 2014

Self Portrait | February 2014

Somebody seriously needs to stop time.  I feel like I blink and another month has zipped by.  The speed at which life is flying by for me probably has a lot to do with how insanely busy my life has been recently and I really wish it would slow down and let me catch my breath!

February brought with it a huge amount of stress and insanity for my husband as he spent the month studying for the bar exam which he just took a few days ago.  It also brought my parents to Phoenix for their winter stay.  Yippee!  I love it when they are in town during the winter, but this year's visit is more work than play since they are helping us do some updating and remodeling on our house.

I haven't been doing much actual work on the house, but I have spent an inordinate amount of time shopping for supplies.  So much so that I feel like Lowe's has turned into my home away from home.  It seemed only fitting to take this month's self-portrait at the place where I have found myself several times a week this entire month.  I've been making early trips before heading to work, and late trips after work, and middle of the day trips on my days off.  Pretty soon I'm going to have the entire store layout down better than the employees!

So here's to the end of February and to making our new house into our home:

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