Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Macro Fun | Part 1

If you missed my original post about shooting with a Macro Lens, you can find it here.

If I was smart, I would probably save these images for last. But my obsessive-compulsive need for things to exist in chronological order prevents me from doing that. Sooooo... I give to you my favorite images that I took with the Macro Lens that I rented, which just so happens to be the first set of photos that I took with the lens.

Again, if I was smart, I'd just wow you with the photographs and keep the method of how I took them a secret, but that's not how I roll. I'm all about sharing knowledge, and learning from others. Sooooo... the exact technique for how to take these photos can be found in Bryan Peterson's book Understanding Exposure (p. 72-73 of the 3rd edition), if you're interested in giving it a try for yourself.  If you're not a photog, and you are just wondering what the heck you're looking at, these photos are taken of vegetable oil poured into a glass pan full of water, with a bright colored piece of clothing under the pan.

I've been waiting MONTHS to take these photos and I couldn't wait to give it a try the second I got my hands on the Macro Lens.  When I was viewing the images in my camera, I was a bit disappointed because I felt like they weren't turning out very well, but once I got them on computer and did a little editing on them I fell in love with them.

I hope you love them as much as I do! Stay tuned for more photos from my Macro Lens Experiment in Part 2.  (But don't get too disappointed when the rest of them are all of boring objects like flowers and insects. These really are the most fun of the bunch!)

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  1. These pics are seriously way cool! I looove them! What fun.