Sunday, November 20, 2011

Self-Portrait | November 2011

November's self-portrait was taken near the Gila River outside of Phoenix, at the same place where some of my Fisheye Lens photos were taken.  The photo was taken with the Macro Lens that I rented to experiment with. (More on that soon!)

I had been toying with the idea of taking a reflection photo for this month's self-portrait but hadn't really decided what I wanted to do for sure yet.  I just knew that I wanted to use the rental lens for the portrait, since it represented the month for me, and I thought maybe it would be fun to include a photo of me behind the camera.

I wanted to see if I could find some flowers and insects along the river bank to photograph with the Macro, and Kevin came along for the ride. He was standing at the edge of the river skipping rocks, and as I turned around and looked at him, I caught the reflection of the river and the gorgeous blue sky behind me in his sunglasses. So, I raised my camera to my eye and fired off a few quick shots, and here you have it:

I have to admit that I really like this month's self-portrait and the spur of the moment shot probably turned out much better than it would have if I'd spent hours agonizing over it.

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  1. That's the only kind of picture of myself that I actually like -- where you can't see the face! lol