Monday, February 11, 2013

Kara's Sneak Peek

Meet Kara, the super sweet and gorgeous wife of one of my hubby's law school classmates.  Kara and I decided to do a little old school bartering - photography lessons in exchange for modeling. Kara owns a DSLR that she's been wanting to learn how to use in manual mode and I've been admiring Kara's amazing fashion style for months and wanted to get her in front of my camera.

A few emails back and forth to make the arrangements and voil√†!  Kara is on her way to becoming an awesome photographer and I get to add her beautiful face to my portfolio. I think I came out the winner on that deal!  I'm pretty much in love with every single photo I took of Kara, she's so stinkin' cute in every single one.


Somebody thought Kara looked especially awesome during this set of photos, and honked at her while they drove by. I can't say I'm surprised. Look how amazing she looks!...

If I was smart I would have traded photography lessons for fashion lessons instead.  I mean seriously! How awesome are those shoes?!...

Kara, Thank you so much for allowing me to take your photos.  It was such fun spending my Sunday evening hanging out with you. I can't wait to show you the rest of the photos. :)

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