Monday, February 25, 2013

Self-Portrait | February 2013

Back in September 2012 I vowed to lose some weight and posted my before photos as my self-portrait that month.  I wish I was reporting in with my after photos to tell you that I'd lost all of the weight I wanted to lose, but I'm not quite there yet.

However, I have managed to lose 15 lbs and keep it off since early November!  I'm super excited to be where I am.  On a whim I decided to try to squeeze myself into the jeans I wore 3 1/2 years ago in our engagement photos.  I had no idea if I would be able to get them on, but I somehow managed to get into them.  I was even able to get them zipped and buttoned!  I'm not going to say I could actually breathe in them, but who needs to do that?

I decided for February's photo I would show myself jumping for joy in the jeans...

On a side note, jumping like this for photos is insanely exhausting!  It was a sad reminder just how out of shape I am and it filled me with empathy for all of the past clients I have requested to do this for photos.  This is just one of the many reasons I keep going with this monthly self-portrait project.  I want the constant reminder of what it feels like to be in front of the camera so I always remember what my clients are experiencing when I photograph them.

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  1. I am really excited for you. Old jeans slipping on is right up there with a glass of wine and a bubble bath lol