Monday, September 22, 2014

Self-Portrait | September 2014

Today is my 40th Birthday, and all I can think as I sit here and type this is 'Where has the time gone?' It seems like I just graduated from college a year or two ago!  I keep having this thought like maybe I counted wrong and I'm really turning 30.  That would feel a little more possible.  But 40?  No Way!

I expected to have a very difficult time with this birthday, especially considering how awful turning 30 was for me, but honestly turning 40 hasn't been that tough. Perhaps it is because my 30’s really weren't all that great and I'm ready to leave them behind. Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot of good things happened in my 30’s, but they were full of their fair share of disappointments, too. Overall, the decade just wasn’t what I hoped it would have been. I spent the first part of it depressed that I was no longer in my 20’s, the middle of it realizing that while I really wanted to be happy with where I was, I just wasn’t, and the end of it working feverishly toward a new life.

Basically, my 30’s just felt like a very long road between my 20’s and my 40’s. Turning 40 feels like an arrival. It feels like the start of something good. Something new. It feels like I am finally at a place where I've lived long enough to have learned the tough lessons necessary to start living life to it’s fullest. I've paid my dues and it’s time for that to start paying off. All I really want right now is to settle back into the routine of life and to start enjoying time with Kevin now that he is finally done with school.

I felt that a change was in order to welcome in this new decade of life, so I decided to enter my 40's as a brunette!  Here I am with my new hair color, relaxing in my favorite place in our backyard, ready to embrace whatever life has in store for me next...

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