Thursday, September 25, 2014

BBL 2013-2014 | Remove Everything From My Closet That Doesn't Make Me Feel Beautiful


Why did I include these on my Bucket List?

I saw this on someone's 101 in 1001 list and thought it was an amazing idea. I'm guilty of holding on to clothes much longer than I should.  I have things in my closet that are old, out of style, no longer fit, were bad purchases from the start, and/or remind me of periods in my life that I'd rather forget.  I feel awful whenever I wear these items, so they just hang there year after year, yet I refuse to get rid of them.  I know that I feel so much better about everything when I feel good about my appearance.  That should be reason enough to commit to cleaning these items out of my closet.  But if I did need another reason, just dreaming of all that extra space was enough to tip me over the edge and add this item to this year's list.

Was the experience what I had hoped it would be?

It wasn't a ton of fun cleaning my closet or trying on all my clothes, and it was especially depressing to see just how many clothing items no longer fit me because I've gained quite a bit of weight over the last 4 years, but it does feel great to have an organized closet and to know that every item in it is something I can put on and feel good in.  (Except for the sweat pants and t-shirts, but come on now, I wasn't about to get rid of my kickin it at home comfy clothes!)

The details...

I spent three full days cleaning out my closet.  I took everything out of it, cleaned every surface, tried on every. single. item. and decided what to do with it.  If it was something that fits and I still like it, I put it back in my closet.  If it was an item that I no longer like or if it was old and worn out, I donated it.  If it was something that no longer fits and I no longer like it, I donated it.  If it was an item that no longer fits, but I still love it, I kept it.  If I'm successful in my exercise and healthier eating lifestyle changes, I'm hoping to lose some weight and maybe the items will fit soon. If not, I will donate them when I revisit them in a few months.

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  1. I have never felt beautiful or sexy a day in my life, so I would be throwing out EVERYTHING in my closet! I really could throw a lot out or donate it, but I just can't seem to bear parting with my clothes.