Sunday, May 28, 2017

Self-Portrait | May 2017

If you haven’t been by the blog since I up and vanished a few years ago, let me catch you up. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently:

  • I published two old self-portraits posts from spring 2015 that were just hanging around waiting to be posted. I have no idea why I never published them back then, except to say that I was getting burned out and when life threw me some crazy curve balls I needed to turn my attention elsewhere for a while. I think (knock on wood) that things have settled down and I’m ready to return to some of those things I put on the back burners. If you want to check out those past posts they can be found here and here.
  • I photographed a maternity session for my friend Amanda, (who may need her own blog label soon, as she’s been in front of my camera so many times!). I really enjoyed taking her photos and catching up with her. Not to mention that I owe her a huge thank-you for getting me back behind my camera and reminding me just how much I enjoy shooting. If she hadn’t asked me to do her maternity session, I’m sure I sill wouldn’t be back. Her session really is quite lovely, and Amanda is one gorgeous mama-to-be. Her photos can be found here, if you’d like to check them out.
  • I announced that I was going to return to doing some shooting and blogging, and I created an Instagram account for my photography. As of right now that is where I’ve been posting some of my images along with links to the corresponding posts here on the blog.  I've still made no decision regarding if I am going to revisit my FB photography page or not, but for now it's still hanging out and I have posted a few things to it since returning.
  • I took some new portraits of all of my fur babies. They are rather adorable, (but I’m not biased or anything). Zoe and Lexi’s can be found here, and Daisy and Gatsby’s can be found here.
  • I also began experimenting with macro photography. So far I’ve posted some images I took of some scorpions using a black light, which can be found here, and some images I took of the landscaping in our yard, which can be found here. I’ve also taken a few other sets of macro images that I’m working on editing, so stay tuned for those soon.
  • AND, I also managed to completely mess up my blog when I was viewing an alternative layout I was considering, so I’ve set it to this basic layout until I find the time to go in an reset all of the customizations again. Sigh. Please ignore my mess if you happen to pop over halfway through the edits.

Honestly, I’m still not sure where I’m headed with my photography. I’m hoping that my experimenting will lead to an area of photography that feels right to me. I’m hoping something will eventually just click and I’ll find a new photography home. In the mean time, I’m just going to keep experimenting and working my way through the lists of things I’ve been meaning to try but never found the time to do in the past.

I don’t know where my self-portrait series is headed, either. I’m not sure if I’m going to resume it as a monthly feature on the blog or not. In many ways I miss taking them, and I regret giving them up. At the same time, it was starting to feel like a burden doing them every month after so long. Only time will tell I suppose. For now, I’m just happy to be back behind the camera. It feels like coming back home after a long (but much needed) vacation. I’m going to try to let that feeling be my guide as I venture back in, and that feeling had me wanting to do a self-portrait this month. So that is exactly what I did...

Since photography has been occupying almost all of my time this month, I decided it was only fitting to include a photo of me shooting as May’s self-portrait. I took this image while I was taking some of the macro shots that I’m still working on editing. I was using a lighted make-up mirror as my light source and opted to focus in on my reflection for my photo.

Did you miss some of my past self-portraits?  Clicking here will take you to all of my self-portrait blog posts. Clicking here will take you to my self-portrait Facebook album.

Michele Whitacre used to be a portrait photographer serving Phoenix, Arizona.  Now she just takes photos for fun when the mood strikes. 
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