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BBL 2011-2012 | Find a New Music Artist


Why did I included this on my Bucket List?

I've never been a huge music buff. A handful of my favorite artists are ones that I found on my own, but most of the music that I listen to is because of the influence of others. I can look back over my favorites and pinpoint the time in my life where I became a fan of the music, and who got me into it.

Because I've never spent a lot of time seeking out music to fit my tastes, it has never been a big part of my life. Usually the only time I listen to music is while driving.  Yet, every time I do take the time to play music during a boring task, like cleaning the house, I think how much better it made the experience.  So, I figure the more artists/band that I enjoy, the more likely I will be to begin to incorporate music into my life.

Was the experience what I had hoped it would be?

Looking for a new artist was what I hoped it would be, yet at the same time it wasn't.  I enjoyed the process of listening to new bands, and getting to decide for myself if I wanted to keep listening to them or not.  During the process I even found a few artists that I enjoyed enough to add to the music collection on my ipod.  However, I didn't find THE ARTIST that I felt like I couldn't live without hearing, or that I would rush right out and see in concert, like I was hoping to find.  Maybe I just need to keep searching.

The details...

Since I really wasn't sure where to start looking for artists to listen to, I decided to ask for suggestions on facebook.  I created a fun little contest asking the fans on my business page to suggest artists/bands for me to check out.  The winner would get a $25 iTunes gift card sent to them.  Not a bad deal, right?

In order to give the artists a fair chance, I decided to listen to at least three of their songs.  In some cases the person gave me songs to check out, and in other instances I simply listened to the ones that grabbed my attention when I searched for the artist on YouTube.  With some of the artists, I really liked one of their songs and really disliked another, so in those instances I decided to add in another song to help me make my decision.  Almost every artist had at least one song that I enjoyed, which was nice!

Here is a list of the suggested artists along with the songs from each that I listened to:

Foo Fighters
Learn to Fly
All My Life
My Hero

Plug In Stereo
Oh Darling
But I Can't
A Love Like Mine

The Band Perry
If I Die Young
You Lie
Hip To My Heart
All Your Life

Alexandra Burke
Start Without You
Bad Boy
Broken Heels

Kate Voegele
Monday Rain
You Can't Break a Broken Heart
Kindly Unspoken

Someone Like You
Rolling in the Deep
Set Fire to the Rain
Make You Feel My Love

Point of Grace
Circle of Friends
King of the World
Bless the Broken Road

Jason Mraz
I'm Yours
You and I Both
A Beautiful Mess

Love in America
(I'm Gonna) Party Like a Rockstar
Nothing Matters
Sunshines Black

Briefcase Full of Guts

Cold Hard Bitch
Look What You've Done
Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Death Cab for Cutie
Home is a Fire
Codes and Keys
You Are a Tourist
Your New Twin Sized Bed

What You Are
Heavens Dead
Broken City

Days Like These
Only in My Head
Venture to the Sun

Andy Davis
Brown Eyes
I Never See You
Believable Doubt

Griffin House
I Remember
Better Than Love
Live to be Free

The Prodigy
Smack My Bitch Up

The Misfits
Last Caress
Teenagers From Mars
Horror Business
Hollywood Babylon
We are 138

Screeching Weasel
I Wanna Be a Homosexual
Cool Kids
Stupid Girl

Kings of Leon
Red Morning Light
On Call

It was a tough choice, coming down to a decision between JTX and The Misfits!  I ultimately decided on JTX as my favorite artist from all of the suggestions!

There were also a few other artists that I wanted to check out because I'd liked their songs from the radio.  So, I also listened to the following artists, both of which I really liked!

Hot Chelle Rae
Tonight Tonight
Never Have I Ever
Let Down
I Like to Dance

The Killers
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Mr. Brightside
Smile Like You Mean It
Somebody Told Me
All These Things That I've Done
Andy, You're a Star

I ended up finding four artists, and several songs to add to my collection of music!  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Do you want to see my entire 2011-2012 Bucket List? You can find it here.

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