Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today is my husband's birthday, so I wanted to take a moment to wish him a very happy birthday and an incredible year.  His birthday is one my favorite days, because it's the day that brought this amazing, wonderful, caring man into the world.  He is the center of my universe and I cannot imagine spending even one day of my life without him next to me.  I am so incredibly blessed to share my life with such a kind, compassionate, intelligent person!  Happy Birthday, Baby!

I hadn't taken any photos of Kevin since summer, so we spent a few hours on Friday taking some new ones.  Of course, he's already seen these, and in fact, he picked out most of the ones that I edited and posted.  If these photos were of someone else's significant other, I'd probably be writing and saying something like, "Kevin is so handsome, isn't so-and-so the luckiest girl in the world?"  Only this time it's me who is the lucky one! :)

I've taken A LOT of photos of Kevin over the years, and I think this batch is my favorite to date.  This is the first time we did photos of him in a suit, and these photos look the most "him" of any I've ever taken.  He looks in his element and comfortable for a change!  (Even if I did drag him out of bed super early to take these.  But at least I didn't make him do it ON his birthday.)  I think my husband is the only man in the world who would rather be in a suit than in jeans and t-shirt most of the time.

So, photos of my wonderful hubby...

I decided to include this last one just because it was so different from the rest.  It was taken before it started getting light out while I was gaining practice with my new flash. (More on that soon!)

If you have a moment, leave a comment below or swing on by my facebook page and wish Kevin a happy birthday! I know he'd love it. :)

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  1. Very nice pictures of your sweet hubby. I must say his "look" has changed since I first met him 5 years ago. Love the look of a man in a suit!

  2. WOW! Kevin, you look amazing, and Michele, those are amazing pictures.