Friday, September 27, 2013

Birthday Bucket List | 2013-2014 Edition

Since my next birthday is a big one, I decided to go big with this year's Birthday Bucket List.  Instead of my usual 12 items, I decided to go with a list of 40 things I want to do before my 40th birthday. (Unless someone invents the rewind button for life first, in which case the only thing I want to do is go back to being 25!)

Not everything on this list will be a ton of fun, but sometimes the end goal is worth the work. Plus, there should be more than enough good stuff on the list to balance it out and make me forget about the tough ones.

So here is my 2013-2014 Birthday Bucket List:

1. Perform a random act of kindness... CHECKED + BLOGGED

2. Tell someone that they inspire me... CHECKED + BLOGGED

3. Tell someone that I admire them... CHECKED + BLOGGED

4. Hike Camelback Mountain... CHECKED + BLOGGED

5. Tube the Salt River... CHECKED + BLOGGED

6. Have my handwriting analyzed

7. Go on a picnic... CHECKED + BLOGGED

8. Watch a movie at the drive in... CHECKED + BLOGGED

9. Watch a silent film... CHECKED + BLOGGED

10. Watch, read, or listen to 40 things suggested by others... CHECKED + BLOGGED

11. Read 40 new books... CHECKED + BLOGGED

12. Watch 40 new movies... CHECKED + BLOGGED

13. Write a letter to my future self... CHECKED + BLOGGED

14. Write a letter to an old friend... CHECKED + BLOGGED

15. Write a letter to a new friend... CHECKED + BLOGGED

16. Find an awesome sangria recipe... CHECKED + BLOGGED

17. Join a gym... CHECKED + BLOGGED

18. Make a list of 50 places I want to visit... CHECKED + BLOGGED

19. Make a list of 101 things that make me smile... CHECKED + BLOGGED

20. Make a list of 200 words that describe me... CHECKED + BLOGGED

21. Go social media free for 48 hours... CHECKED + BLOGGED

22. Follow a sugar free diet for 30 days... CHECKED + BLOGGED

23. Give up pop for 30 days... CHECKED + BLOGGED

24. Kick my caffeine habit... CHECKED + BLOGGED

25. Visit a farmers market... CHECKED + BLOGGED

26. Visit Jerome, Arizona... CHECKED + BLOGGED

27. Visit Payson, Arizona... CHECKED + BLOGGED

28. Buy a house... CHECKED + BLOGGED

29. Start a love/gratitude journal with the hubby... CHECKED + BLOGGED

30. Have new professional photos taken with the hubby... CHECKED + BLOGGED

31. Plan a surprise for the hubby... CHECKED + BLOGGED

32. Make a list of things I love about the hubby... CHECKED + BLOGGED

33. Look up the meaning/history of my name... CHECKED + BLOGGED

34. Remove everything from my closet that doesn't make me feel beautiful... CHECKED + BLOGGED

35. Attend a photography conference... CHECKED + BLOGGED

36. Update my website

37. Purchase a marco lens... CHECKED + BLOGGED

38. Photograph a maternity session... CHECKED + BLOGGED

39. Photograph a trash the dress session... CHECKED + BLOGGED

40. Photograph a wedding... CHECKED + BLOGGED

As I complete the items, I will mark them off the list and write a blog post about the experience. I'm a little nervous about my ability to complete all of these items in the next 12 months, but I am going to give it my best shot!  I am really excited about some of this year's items, and looking forward to marking more things off of my Bucket List.

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  1. Just checked in to see how you did. I'm impressed!!! You did so many fun things!